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Treat Within Walls to Rid Your Home of Ants

(NewsUSA) - If you see a trail of tiny black specs moving along your kitchen counter, you may have a serious ant problem.

In severe cases, these critters are all around the home.

"When ants go looking for food, their trails pass through voids in walls, window bays, under cabinets and carpeting and above ceilings," said Dr. Deanna Branscome, technical representative at Syngenta, a leading manufacturer of professional pest control products. "In some cases, ant colonies make these wall voids their home. So, the ants you see on your counter could be living just behind it."

Ants enter the walls through openings in your home's exterior and then follow plumbing or other lines to find food or water inside. That's why you so often see ants around sinks and dishwashers.

Many ant problems are treated at the perimeter of a home. These treatments work well when ants enter your home to find food and take it back to their nest outdoors, but they are ineffective when ants have already moved into your walls.

Treating within walls can reach ant colonies that have moved their nests inside, while keeping indoor chemical application away from people and pets.

Branscome's company, Syngenta, offers Optigard ZT, the first nonrepellent insecticide specifically designed for treatment of void areas.

"When treating within walls there is a benefit in having your pest control company use a nonrepellent insecticide," Branscome said. "Nonrepellents allow ants to walk through the treated area and carry the insecticide back to their nest, which helps eliminate the colony."

If ants are inside your home, they are very difficult to control on your own. A professional pest control company can inspect your home, find the ant nests and create a targeted treatment program focused on those locations.

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