Animal experts have told me that a skunk will give three signals before it sprays. Here are the signs to run for the hills before it is too late: Skunk turns it back on you, then lifts its tail, then looks over its shoulder to take aim...after that you are a goner!

A wonderful fellow has come up with a great solution if used immediately after mixing that seems to work miracles on the pets. I will give you that solution in a moment because he couldn't patent it, however, I recently discovered what I think the ultimate solution will be, and that is to prevent skunks from entering the yard at all.

In nature every animal (so I believe) has a natural predator or two. One friend called to tell me that a skunk has one major predator, the Great Horned Owl. Knowing that I haven't seen any of those creatures in my suburban neighborhood in more than ten years, I didn't feel I could summon the Owl Gods to visit my yard. So, you are wondering if I have come up with a skunk cure, and I have. What is it you ask? It is a two part answer, and two parts because I just found one missing piece that also seems to be part of the skunk puzzle. Don't get me wrong I have nothing personal against skunks in general, in fact I would most likely think that they were cute had it not been for the recent skunking we received. There is nothing in this world quite like an up close and personal experience with skunk juice.

No wonder skunks walk confidently through life. Perhaps we should take a lesson from them.

Here is the skunk answer that seems to be working. You can purchase a great horned own statue that will attach to gates, your roof and other areas like the top bar on a swing set. Just the site of this fake Great Horned Owl will send a skunk packing pretty quickly. The vision of an owl in the moonlight is powerful. The happy surprise that I ran across while researching skunk predators is that skunks are a delicacy for foxes. A fox will seek out skunks and destroy them, that could mean eat them. My thinking is that they eat everything except for their scent glands in the anus.

A wonderful researcher who is in the know on scent therapy has come up with a line of shaker that have the scent of a fox and other predators depending upon what garden pest you are dealing with. This mixture can be put into a nylon and hung in a tree, or for skunk it can be sprinkled in the yard on the perimeter and all around your flowers and garden where skunks dig for grubs.

The perfect dog remedy if your furry friend gets sprayed is this: Equal parts of Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and dish soap. As soon as you blend the mixture and see it foaming, and it will definitely foam up, stick the pet into the bath and let he or she soak there. It is amazing how quickly the odor will dissipate. What I havent figured out how to remedy yet is the smell that is still coming from inside my one dog's nose.

Tomato juice by the way, only acts to mask the smell and doesn't really eliminate it.

So, check on line, I can't give the company name here, for the shaker of animal scents and stop those skunks from entering your yard, destroying your garden and potentially filling your home and your pets with a potent scent that will make you want to run for the hills!

Let your privative instincts take over and listen to the fixes that nature has provided. Get yourself some of the Fox Shaker remedy and stop any skunks form entering your yard.

Janet Angel is a sought-after wellness expert with advanced degrees in nutritional biochemistry and psychology. She believes that everyone needs to educate themselves on the wellness opportunities available around the world. Dr. Angel has counseled many prominent citizens across the United States and has participated in several international research programs surrounding health. She has been a guest on many radio programs, is a public speaker, author and seminar leader. Dr. Angel believes that the body has the innate ability to heal itself in most circumstances, given the right environment, the right elements and the opportunity. For further information on her drive to help others reach their fullest potential, please go to For financial wellness ideas go to
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Get Rid Of Skunks - The Organic Solution!
By Janet Angel

Get Rid Of Skunks
  I doubt that every dog learns its lesson by getting sprayed up close and personal with months to forget about the idea. With one month of suffering through the unbearable stench in our home, on the carpets, in our clothing, on the dogs themselves and on our furniture I was compelled to find the very best solution to my dilemma. Here is what I discovered:
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