Raccoons may look cute as can be with their striped tails and little hands that look almost human. But in truth, raccoons can be horrible pests and a great nuisance. They will eat almost any food they can find, including pet food. A raccoon will take food away from other animals without hesitation. And while all raccoons may not have rabies, some may. But do you know how to get rid of raccoons?

When you have an existing raccoon population, it's dangerous to try to remove them yourself. Using chemicals or sprays rarely work and will damage other wild life and plant life that you want to preserve. Using a pest removal service if how to get rid of raccoons the right way. A pest removal service will humanely trap and relocate the raccoons, so they will no longer knock over your garbage cans or terrorize your pets.

Once you have rid yourself of raccoons, you may want to consider making some changes to ensure raccoon prevention in the future. Buy lids for your garbage cans and keep them covered. Don't allow pet food to sit outside over night. You may want to invest in some raccoon repellent, so you never have to wonder how to get rid of raccoons again.

The best repellent to use is probably a powder, which you can lay down on any area (patio, deck, lawn, garden). It will release an odor that will make raccoons stay away, and will not harm your grass or plants. Powders are safe, effective ways to repel rodents and pests like raccoons - but they will not remove existing raccoons from your property. Pest removal services know how to get rid of raccoons properly and professionally, without damaging your lawn or landscaping - or the raccoon. Raccoons may be pests, but you don't want them to be harmed in any way.

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How to Get Rid of Raccoons
By Emma Drosy

If you're wondering how to get rid of raccoons, then you probably already have a problem with them. Once raccoons have made a home for themselves on your property, they're extremely hard to get rid of. Because raccoons will eat almost anything and will scavenge for food, it would be impossible to take their food source away. So, how to get rid of raccoons?
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