by James Brookes

There are several kinds of common pests and diseases on
currant fruit tree.

Some people like to have redcurrants as half-standards. They
grow them with a stem 3 feet tall and at that height allow
the branches to develop in the normal way. By pruning back
the side growths on the main stem it is possible to have
fruit being borne right the way up this stem as well as on
the branches. A half-standard redcurrant has the advantage
of taking tip little room for other bushes may be grown
underneath. Some gardeners have been glad to have them in a
shrub border, for when they are covered with bunches of
glistening crimson berries, in the summer, they are very
pretty indeed. It must be remembered, however, that birds go
for them and they usually need to be protected in some way
for that reason.

Two types of aphis can be a great nuisance: one can suck and
ruin the tips, and the other curls the leaves and causes red
blisters to appear. Spraying with a 5 per cent solution of a
tar-oil wash in December gives good control.

Minnesota fruit is very large and brightly coloured. A
strong grower. Season mid. Perfection is an excellent
cropper with long bunches, large heavy berries, bush tends
to spread. Season mid. Rainy Castle is medium bunches of
medium-sized red fruits. Has now been largely superseded by
better varieties. Some people swear by it for cordons.
Season mid-late.

There is a variety, Fay's Prolific, which is sometimes
planted because it is early. It is, however, prone to two
troubles: (1) the buds seem to go blind and one has to be
very careful to prune to a live bud, in the winter; and (2)
the growths are rather brittle and are apt to be blown off
in the summer.

If Coral Red raised spots are found on the old wood of the
bushes the gardener knows he has the Coral Spot disease.
There is no cure for this, other than to cut off the
affected branch immediately and burn it and put back the
ashes around the tree concerned. - 920

Fruit trees are common existing features and they can often
incorporated into the new design of your
( garden.
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