Snakes can be scary to deal with. Many people scream or even run away when they are confronted with a snake. For most people finding a snake in their home or around their home is terrifying. Getting rid of the snake is the main objective.

Depending on where you live snakes may be harmless or they could be dangerous. You should find out about the snake sin your area and be able to identify harmful snakes so you can get rid of them right away.

Know your Snakes

In North America there are only four types of poisonous snakes:

Cottonmouth Moccasin




They are not found in all areas and usually if you have one of these snakes in your area you will be aware.

The most common snake you will see is the garter snake which is completely harmless and probably more afraid of you then you are of it.

Where They Can Be Found

Snakes prefer cooler shaded areas. Around your home spots you may find them are:


Tall grass

Sandy areas

Leaf piles

Compost areas

Under logs

Under junk or trash

They like to be out of the sun and hidden. They will normally lay coiled up and may not even move unless you specifically mess with them.

What to do About Them

If you have a non poisonous snake you really do not have a major need to get rid of it. If you don't bother him he will not likely bother you. However, you can make your home less appealing to him by:

- Keeping bushes and shrubs away form your home.

- Cleaning up junk and trash.

- Keeping your lawn mowed.

- Eliminating any hiding spots.

You can also chase away food sources. Snakes like insects like crickets and grasshoppers, as well as small rodents like rats, mice and squirrels. You can get rid of these to make your home less inviting to a snake.

If you do end up with a poisonous snake it is best to call in a professional. You never want to mess with a poisonous snake. The repercussions are dangerous and can be deadly.

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You should also learn about how to safely interact with a snake so you do not get bit or hurt. Learning about the snakes in your area may also ease your fears a bit because in many places snakes are completely harmless and nothing to fear.
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