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  Control of spiders indoors may involve nothing more than vacuuming up the spiders, their webs, and egg sacs. Removal of clutter, or other sanitation steps directed at conditions favoring spiders, will help reduce spider problems. Thorough inspections will be necessary in order to find all these spider harborages for later sanitation, removal, or insecticide treatment. Space treatments CB80 or especially synthetic pyrethroids are often useful for cleanouts and for eliminating outdoor species which may be found indoors. Long-term residual control of spiders is very difficult to achieve. If
spiders are breeding indoors or if outdoor species are migrating indoors, residual insecticide applications of Demand or Demon WP can be used. All areas where the spiders have been found should be treated, paying particular attention to dark corners. Dusts such as Borid or TriDie may be especially useful for treating crawl spaces and attics. Wettable powder or microencapsulated formulations such as Demand or Demon WP will generally give somewhat better and longer residual action on most surfaces.  The use of glue type traps such as the Trapper LTD indoors works well to trap spiders behind furniture, under beds, in closets, etc.

   Outdoor treatment is necessary to control spiders which are migrating inside or to eliminate spiders on porches, under eaves, and other areas on the outside of the building. Spiders often become particularly numerous on such exterior surfaces of homes and buildings built near lakes. They spin webs to catch and feed on the many flying insects which come out of the lake. Chronic spider problems result, for which there are few good management options except reducing night lights (which attract so many flying insects) and applying residual insecticide treatments at necessary intervals. Dr. T's Cobweb Eliminator  works well around boat docks, eaves, etc. to stop spiders from spinning their webs.  Spider fecal droppings can disfigure fiberglass boats or latex painted surfaces. Occasionally, area treatments are necessary to eliminate heavy infestations. The residual insecticides listed above are also recommended for use outdoors. Consult the label to be sure that application to, or around plant material can be done safely where necessary.
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