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Termites have a healthy appetite as they devour up to fifteen pounds of wood in a month, for ground termites and thirteen ounces a day for Formosan termites. Wood is the preferred food for a termite, but they do eat plant debris as well. Some termites also eat grass and materials found in the ground. I have also read where termites have been found eating paper and cloth. Therefore, nothing is safe from termites. They eat paper and cloth because of the cellulose that is used to make the materials.

Termites' eating habits differ from ants and other insects. The worker termites set out to find the food and bring it back to the colony to feed the reproductive, soldiers so that the colony survives. Without the worker termites bring back food, the colony will die. The reproductive and soldiers will not search for food, but will die instead.

Learning about termites' eating habits also includes their need for water every few hours. This is why they return to the soil, they need water to continue feeding. Besides eating paper and cloth, some have found termites' eating habits to include carpeting, books and window trims. For more info see http://www.termiteshelp.com/Types_Of_Termites/Termites_And_Ants.php on Termites And Ants.

Some of us take the termites' eating habits lightly, but you need to have concerns and protect your property from termites. Once they start the eating frenzy, you can be assured they will not stop until your home is in shambles. Early detection and some prevention can head off a serious termite infestation. These termites will consume your wood structure if left untouched.

Since termites’ eating habits flourish as they work their way through your home. If you suspect termites in your home, you need to inspect all areas of the home and then either call a professional pest control or take care of the problem yourself. Although most people call a professional, some do try this job themselves with good results. If you decide to do it yourself, you can read what you need to do and what you need for the job.

Now that you have some information on the termites’ eating habits, check your home and outside area to see if you might have termites in the area. If you do, contact a professional immediately. The sooner you do, the better your house will survive irreversible damage.

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  Wherever there is cellulose, you can find termites. Our environment thrives from termite infestations because they devour dead trees and branches and plant debris, which turns into humus. The areas around termite colonies and infestations old and new, is the best soil for new growth.
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